Dedicated to corporate development


Vistamar is your partner to advance your company or project. Corporate development, overcoming delicate business situations, the ability to excel in remote and difficult situations are key strengths derived from experience over many years of operational involvement in a wide variety of companies world-wide.

  • Strategic development
  • Independent board membership
  • Missions in political and cultural adverse and challenging environments
  • International expansion
  • ESG - investing
  • Project management
  • Corporate setup and domicile services for the Greater Zug area (‘Crypto Valley Switzerland’)
  • Advice to and from the heart of Crypto Valley




Advancement of projects and corporate setup.

Albert R. Stutz

Partner & Owner

«As seasoned professionals with extensive international experience, we clearly understand the differences in culture when it comes to doing business, and in dealing with the diversity of the people involved.

We have the unique ability to draw from a broad and experienced network of professionals and specialists, who we involve only when and where necessary in order to ensure a direct and personal relationship at all times.

In whatever we do we ensure that everything from planning and setup to implementation is being taken care of.»